Paintball smoke grenades are generally available in flameless and standard varieties that allow you to use one according to your needs. Standard ones are able to produce smoke that can cover an area ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 cubic feet. The common color for the smoke is usually bright orange and it can last up to 4 minutes. To activate them, simply pull out the pin and throw them towards your desired area in the battlefield.

For a paintball smoke grenade that is not manually-ignited, there is the flameless variant that is usually ignited by 9-volt batteries triggered by a remote control. These flameless paintball smoke grenades can emit huge smoke screens that are also useful outside paintball battlegrounds. In fact, they are also being used by military, firefighters, and the police when training.

Things to remember before throwing that smoke grenade

You probably want paintball smoke grenades that can produce smoke that lasts for a long time. Just make sure they won't get in the way of your gameplay and check for the smoke range as well. If you are playing in small paintball battlegrounds, don't use paintball smoke grenades that are meant for covering large areas.

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