To be able to play the game to its fullest extent and of its capacity a player needs to invest in well made accessories and well made gear. The first needed is a Gun/marker. The guns are most important. Because, without the gun the game cannot be played. The idea of the game is to get rid of the enemy. Along with guns, Paintball, masks, and goggles consist of the essential gear needed to play the game. Paintballs are used by guns/markers as the ammunition. While there are many types of guns, there are only two types of markers. A gun that has an attached hopper or loader uses gravity to feed the paintball through the gun. The second is makers that are fed electronically by compressed air bottles or by carbon dioxide. Without the "Paintball" the game, again, could not be played.

The paintball is the game's ammunition. The higher the stakes of the tournament the higher the caliber of the ammo. When the ammo hits it's target the enemy is covered with brightly colored fluid. Once hit with the dye the player finds it very hard to wipe off the fluid or to hide. Once again the fluid is not harmful to the players. And it is easily removed in the laundry.

Last but not least, mask/goggles are protective gear for the player. Many tournaments require the wearing of this gear. These products protect the eyes, mouth, nose, and the ears. Some of the newest masks contain a guard that protects the throat area as well. In the purchase of Paintball Markers and gear the novice must think about the safety, durability, and dependability of the equipment. Purchasing cheap guns is a purchase that needs to be thought over twice. Safety and quality is what is needed to play the game and to compete.


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