Standard paintball smoke grenades - these can produce up to 100,000 cubic feet of orange smoke and have an effect of up to four minutes. Standard paintball smoke grenades have to be manually ignited, where you have to pull a pin just like pulling the pin from a bomb.

Flameless paintball smoke grenades - these are battery-operated grenades that are flameless but produce a big smoke. These are great for police and military training.


When buying a smoke grenade, look out for the following:
Time limit - pick grenades that produce long lasting smoke. Some grenades produce smokes for two minutes or less, while there are those that produce smoke for up to 10 minutes long.

Smoke range - choose a smoke grenade that has a wide smoke range. There are grenades that can generate smoke for up to 500,000 cubic feet. Be sure, though, that you are only using these for wide open spaces to avoid any accidents.

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