The grenades can be bought in flameless and standard types with the latter being able to produce around 30,000 to 100,000 cubic feet of orange smoke that lasts for 4 minutes. Standard paintball smoke grenades are ignited manually like a regular grenade by pulling out the pins and then throwing it to the ground or at your desired target.

On the other hand, flameless smoke grenades for paintball are ignited by batteries via remote control and they are commonly used by firement, police, and the military for training. They are characterized by their ability to produce really big smoke screens.

Use wisely

Smoke grenades paintball players use are chosen according to their smoke range and time limit. In terms of smoke range, choose grenades that can cover at least 30,000 cubic feet especially if you are playing in a small area. The rule of thumb here is: never use big smoke screens for small places as they can obstruct the vision of all players and may cause accidents. Also, choose smoke grenades that can emit lasting smoke depending on your needs.

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