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Example of a Cool Burning Smoke Grenade

Battlefiled smoke grenade by Sport Smoke

This is an example of a cool burning smoke grenade. The grenade does not shoot flames and is ignited by a pull ring as opposed to a fuse. Grenades like this are ideal for paintball and airsoft. This particular grenade is made in the USA by Sport Smoke

What exactly is a "cool burning" airsoft smoke grenade?

"Cool" or "cold" burning is an industry term that means the smoke grenade burns at a cooler temperature than a military smoke or surplus smoke. Hot burning smokes are typically contained in a metal canisters and burn hot enough to ignite grass or brush. Cool burn smoke grenades are typically made out of cardboard and the burn reaction inside the tube is not sufficient to burn through the outer shell. It should be noted that cool burn smoke grenades do get hot and should not be picked up with a bare hand after ignition.


So what separates the everyday cool burn grenade from a high quality cool burn grenade? A good quality cool burning grenade NEVER shoots sparks or flames from the point of ignition untill it eventually extinguishes. For example there are many supposed "cool burning" grenades that require you to "strike" the top to ignite it... this is not a true cold burning smoke grenade as these designs typically shower sparks or flame for the first several seconds upon ignition. What you really want is a proper pull ring style smoke grenade that never showers sparks. Beware however as there are several cheap Chinese made variants on the pull ring smoke grenade. These products are perhaps the most dangerous as they have been know to emit a huge flame on ignition or simply blow up in your hand... not cool. Did we mention that the performance of these smoke grenades is laughable compared to a well made pull ring grenade that is rated at 10,000 cubic feet or more. Our best advice... BUY AMERICAN, there are several quality smoke grenades designed exclusively for paintball and airsoft. More advice... dont buy firework pyro grenades cheaply made overseas, these are easy to pick out by the cheap labeling or the $1 price tag. Finally dont use metal canister style smoke grenades! these may perform well (sometimes as they are usually surplus and outdated) but they are also hot burning and have a reputation for starting fires.  Check out our buy page for where you can find excellent airsoft smoke grenades!