Example of a Cool Burning Smoke Grenade

Battlefiled smoke grenade by Sport Smoke

This is an example of a cool burning smoke grenade. The grenade does not shoot flames and is ignited by a pull ring as opposed to a fuse. Grenades like this are ideal for paintball and airsoft. This particular grenade is made in the USA by Sport Smoke

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What exactly is a "cool burning" airsoft smoke grenade?

"Cool" or "cold" burning is an industry term that means the smoke grenade burns at a cooler temperature than a military smoke or surplus smoke. Hot burning smokes are typically contained in a metal canisters and burn hot enough to ignite grass or brush. Cool burn smoke grenades are typically made out of cardboard and the burn reaction inside the tube is not sufficient to burn through the outer shell. It should be noted that cool burn smoke grenades do get hot and should not be picked up with a bare hand after ignition.

Buying a Smoke Grenade - What You Need to Know About a Paintball Smoke Grenade

A paintball smoke grenade makes bright-colored harmless smoke to create smoke screens for paintball games. Great as protective shields from enemies, it can produce smoke that lasts from anywhere between three to 15 minutes, and covers outdoor areas of 30,000 cubic feet to 500,000 cubic feet.

Paintball smoke grenades come in two kinds: standard and flameless. The standard-type paintball smoke grenades are ignited manually, giving 30,000 cubic feet to 100,000 cubic feet of smoke in bright orange colors and smokes that last up to four minutes. To set it off, all you need to do is pull out the pins. The flameless-type paintball smoke grenade, on the other hand, is ignited using batteries of up to 9 volts of power. With remote ignition, they are great for large smoke screens needed in firemen, military, and police training.

Paintball Smoke Grenades - Fun, Painless Smoke Grenades

Paintball is a popular gun sport that's getting people of all ages hooked. Paintball is not as harmful and dangerous as actual gun sport, but it can still cause damage to people who do not exercise care when playing. There are tons of paintball accessories available, one of which is the smoke grenade.

In actual combat sport, smoke grenades are used for creating smoke screens so one can hide or run from the enemy. These are canister-type grenades that can also be used as signaling devices. Smoke grenades are usually colored (green, red, orange, yellow white, violet, blue, black, green, or orange). Actual smoke grenades, when in contact with the body, can give one a feeling that is scalding hot.

In paintball

In paintball, though, a smoke grenade will not result to such painful effects. Smoke grenades in paintball are used for shielding against your opponent. The two kinds of paintball smoke grenades are:

Paintball Smoke Grenades - Playing With Smoke Grenades

You can't be called a paintball fan if you don't have the least idea what a paintball smoke grenade is. A lot of players find valuable uses for these smoke bombs. They are mostly used by various paintball players particularly those who join in scenario games, who want to strategically conceal themselves from other players so that they can either make their next move or slither away from the danger zone.

Throwing a smoke grenade is one of the most popular war tactics used in paintball. When it is done right, the act can help a player save himself from being eliminated and enabling him to hit on other players as well. However, novices are still prone to just throwing the grenade just for the sake of it making it an annoying tactic for the other players on the field.

Here are some rules that you will want to bear in mind when using paintball smoke grenades.

Paintball Smoke Grenade - Keeping Paintball Fun Yet Safe

The paintball smoke grenade is something you should not be without if you want to play a paintball game that simulates real battle. This type of grenade is especially made for paintball games and it can emit harmless smoke that is usually bright in color. Like typical smoke screens, it helps shield you against enemies and it can produce smoke that lasts for 3 to 15 minutes.


The smoke of a paintball smoke grenade can spread across an outdoor area spanning from 30,000 cubic feet up to 500,000 cubic feet. You can also buy one in flameless or standard types depending on the size of the paintball field where you are planning to use them. Flameless paintball smoke grenades can be ignited by batteries via a remote, but they are commonly used by firefighters, the military, and the police for training.

Standard grenades for paintball


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